Premium Lifestyles are expert Carport Builders, located in Brisbane. We specialise in building the best designer carports and provide a broad selection of stylish designs for both residential and commercial properties. Choose the finest carports in Brisbane by selecting Premium Lifestyles, where you will receive professional guidance, exceptional service, and an outstanding warranty.

Modern Carport Builder Brisbane

Providing affordable and stylish Brisbane Carports.

Premium Lifestyles builds sophisticated designer carports in Brisbane that come with a 7-year warranty.

Safeguard your automotive assets with a custom made and modern carport designed specifically for you.

At times, even a double garage may be too small! A lot of families have multiple vehicles like boats, campers, and RVs, all of which can easily be damaged, leading to quick depreciation in value. A carport provides exceptional protection for your vehicle against wind, rain, and harsh sun rays during summer.

Choosing a carport is a cost-effective and practical solution to protect your valuable assets. Nowadays, a new carport is more than just an inexpensive attached awning for car protection. Premium Lifestyles is a renowned builder of modern carport designs that add sophistication and worth to your property.

We offer the following for your Carport

Premium Lifestyles can build and design a stylish carport to suit your home. We offer a number of services and styles including:

  • Custom fully welded galvanised steel single, double (and larger) Carports and also Patios
  • Enclosed Carports
  • Rustic Carports
  • Ultra Modern Designer Carport
  • Simple and Affordable Carports, to more Complex and Difficult to Build Carports
  • Flat, Arched, Gabled and Curved Carport Roofs
  • Architecturally and Commercially Designed Carports
  • Patio and Carport Roofing including Vinyl, Compact Polycarbonate, Multicell, Roof Tiles, Insulated Roofing (including Insulated Panels)
  • Galvanised Steel and Timber Carports
  • Patio and Carport Renovations and Extensions

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Designer Carport Styles to suit your needs

Single and Double Garage

Depending on your available space, your carport can provide protection for one or two cars, your boat, truck, camper or RV. Premium Lifestyles also offers carports for your seasonal vehicles.

Start protecting your vehicles from the elements. The addition of a carport can provide you and your guests with easy access to and from the entrance of your home in all kinds of weather. When entertaining, your carport can be the next best thing to providing your guests with valet parking!
The carport is also an ideal solution for additional outdoor living space so that you can entertain your guests or just relax with your family.

At Premium Lifestyles, we never ask you to park your imagination. You choose the style and materials. Our experts work with the layout of your home to help you plan, design and build the perfect carport for your needs. Contact Premium Lifestyles to learn how you can easily add a touch of elegance to your home. We can build an attractive, yet practical and affordable carport design. Here are some of the most common types of carports that we install.

Choosing the right Carport. Single or Double Carport Design, How To Build A Double Carport, Building A Double Carport

If you’re looking to add an extra garage to your home, then you might be wondering what kind of design you should go with.

The most common question when building a carport is “What size carport should I get?”. There are many factors to consider such as:

Is the carport exclusively for your vehicle(s)?

Will a single carport be sufficient for my needs in 5 years?

Do you require a larger carport for a work truck or caravan?

It is important to choose the right size for your current and future needs.

Single Carport or Double Carport

Carport sizes are classified into two main categories:

• Single (3m x 6m carports – This is standard)

• Double (6m x 6m carports – Double Carport)

If you require anything larger then we can custom design a carport specific to your requirements.

Once you have chosen a particular size, it is then time to decide on the design of the roof.

Modern Carport / Flat Carport / Skillion Carport

The most common type of carport is the flat/skillion design as they are simple to install and cost effective. This is a modern carport attached to the house or they can be completely free standing.

Premium Lifestyles Brisbane Patio Deck Carport Commercial Residential

Raised Flyover Carport

The flyover is a modern carport design featuring additional height. This makes it perfect for covering boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Flyover Carport Brisbane

Gable Carport

The gable carport is a more traditional design which is often used to match your existing roof line.

Gable Carport Brisbane

View the Brisbane Carports Gallery featuring our custom built carports

We have some great carport designs and ideas for your to see in our carport gallery.

Click here to view the FULL Carports Gallery

We have many more carport designs and ideas available in our full carport gallery.

Why Premium Lifestyles?

Modern Carport Example

Premium Lifestyles are a leading Brisbane builder and designer that offers value for money and outstanding quality. Our team has over 25 years experience. We create designer carports, patios, decks, pergolas, verandas and weatherboard garages that help you transform your landscape into functional, stylish and appealing living spaces.

Premium Lifestyles Carport Builders have an expert team of professional trade and design staff with the knowledge and experience. We can conceptualise, plan, draft, engineer and build both simple and more complex designs according to your budget. Do you need a patio or deck for outdoor entertaining, pool decking or a new carport? We can help you improve the value, functionality and liveability of your home or commercial property. We offer a 7-YEAR WARRANTY and every one of our premium structures is built to last.

Premium Lifestyles are open 7 days a week and build carports in all Brisbane areas. This includes Brisbane North, East, West and South. We also service areas within a 100km radius of Brisbane.

Brisbane Carport Regulations

There are a number of laws and regulations that should be checked and confirmed when building, upgrading or adding a new carport or garage to your home.

Local councils will usually have strict guidelines defining key facts about your property. For more information about Brisbane City Council Carport Guidelines click here.

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