INSULATED ROOFING PANELS are a brilliant amalgamation of outdoor roofing, insulation and ceiling, featuring all of the benefits, resistance and aesthetics of an attractive yet functional design. They provide unique protection and shelter from even the harshest of Queensland weather and conditions and can be used for many different applications such as car ports, patios, decks and other outdoor areas of your home.

Insulated Roof Panel Out Door Area and Patio

Insulated Panels are a Great Choice!


Blocks Heat

The use of efficient core technology provides excellent insulation from both hot and cold weather.


Reduces Noise

The panel’s core also has the function of reducing noise from conditions such as rain and hail duringQueensland’s temperamental storm season.


Strong and Durable

With 2 layers of laminated and engineered steel the insulated core provides a high quality strong and durable product. So much so that you could even walk on it!


Design Versatility

All of Premium Lifestyles designs and constructions are not restricted to any one shape, colour or overall style.


Simple Construction Saves Money and Adds Value

The simple, fast and easy design allows for a significantly faster construction time frame, reducing costs for the build whilst also adding more value to your home.


Low maintenance

We use the best premium quality products. All trusses and beams are welded and engineered with only the highest quality materials.


All of Premium Lifestyles jobs are custom and are not your standard off the shelf product. Our products are NOT pre-measured and cut. Every job is made for the location and the customer. Although our work is fully engineered and tailored, they offer GREAT VALUE, AFFORDABILITY and SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP. We relish the challenge of any project with no job bring too hard. We will take on any project or build even if we have to overcome obstacles specific to a location a property.



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