Decks Brisbane – 3 Tips Before Building Your Deck

Adding a deck to your existing home can be great way of expanding your living space and increasing the visual appeal of your house. Premium lifestyles offer are the Decks Brisbane specialists. Whether you are building a DIY project or seeking a specialist deck builder here are 3 quick tips to help you achieve successful results.

1. Ensure Your Deck Design is Practical

The practical aspect of your design should consider the goals you have in mind for the deck such as :
– Ease of access on and off the deck
– Deck safety

A deck that can also be used as a carport

– Seating (in built seating options and usable space)
– Shade and protection from elements
– Enhancing View Privacy if wanted


2. Choose Your Building Materials Carefully

There are a range of building materials available for decks these days and even the


structural components should be carefully selected. The quality of the structural supports and beams used can be very different and should be checked carefully as part of any quote you seek if you are having your deck professionally built.

Even the type of timber used for construction and how that timber is treated is a decision where you may appreciate expert advice based on how your deck is being used and its exposure to the elements.


3. Make Sure You Have a Permit

Ensuring your design meets building standards and is approved by the relevant council bodies is a must before you start construction. An unapproved deck can be removed by council if it does not have the proper approval. Plus there can be safety issues if your deck design is not up to standard and possibly even liability issues should an incident occur related to use of your unapproved deck.

If you construct a deck without approval and have many years of happy use the time will eventually come to sell your house. It is highly likely that your unapproved deck will be identified by the buyers solicitor during their checks and that could hold up the sale of your house and cost you money and time seeking the necessary approval.


Seek Expert Advice

This article is for the purpose of general advice only. An expert consultant can help you determine the perfect balance of design and practicality for your budget. The team at Premium Lifestyles are professional deck builders with many years of experience consulting, creating and building decks throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. Visit us on facebook.