Brisbane Patios – Designing a Patio to Define Your Lifestyle

A beautifully designed patio will optimize the efficiency of your outdoor spaces to enhance your lifestyle. At Premium Lifestyles, we view patios as a functional part for the home. Premium lifestyles offer are the Patios Brisbane specialists.

A patio to define your lifestyle

They can provide your home a chic beauty, while giving you additional space to relax and enjoy Australia’s wonderful weather. We will work with you to design a space perfect for you. When creating a patio, it is important to have a vision of how you want it to look and how you intend to use it. There are three things to keep in mind when designing your dream patio:


1)     Functional layout: How do you wish to use the space?

Design your space


If you would you like to use your patio as a place to host dinner parties; a large and elegant open space is appropriate. Alternatively, if you prefer a personal reading nook, a cosy corner is in order. We will work with the space available and your intended use to create a superb layout.





2)     Stylish design: What’s the patios vibe?

Different materials and designs create distinctive environments. Homeowners often will desire a patio that follows the design of their home. Others however, strive to create a patio that has a unique feel. We specialize in patios from the ultra-modern to the classical Queenslander.  Frequently, polycarbonate, vinyl, insulated panel and metal materials are used for sleek and modern designs. A vintage inspired patio could use wood and tin. We have an extensive selection of resources to reflect your chosen style.


3)     Appealing details: How will you make it a place of comfort?

A patio’s orientation dictates how much sun it receives. North facing patios can have direct sun, which is perfect for sun bathers or a patio garden. South facing patios are more shaded, perfect for a relaxed lunch. Designing an arch, gable, or flat pitched roof will give your patio a cool design, as well as shade. Additionally, the arrangement of stairways, railings, and doorways will frame the flow of traffic and ways the patio is used. An experienced eye and diligent attention to detail will make your patio more visually appealing and enjoyable for your use.


Start dreaming up a blueprint for your perfect patio. Then give us a call, we can assist you with your planning and help transform your dream into a reality. In no time, you could be lounging in your favourite chair with a book and a smile. Or perhaps you want an area to entertain and enjoy wonderful lunches and dinners with family and friends. Either way, your chosen lifestyle is made possible by a magnificently crafted Premium Lifestyle patio. Get your free quote today. Visit us on facebook.